About Us
Bonus Electric was founded in 1979.  Under its leadership, the company has achieved steady growth and today is proud of its reputation as one of the finest electrical contracting and engineering firms in the Chicago metropolitan area. For over 40 years, Bonus Electric has amassed a wealth of expertise in the electrical engineering and construction fields. From high-end restaurants, offices, high-rise parking structures, schools, churches, athletic facilities, elderly housing, nursing homes, retail spaces and high-rise condominium/apartment buildings we have gained the experience and knowledge clients depend on. We apply this diverse experience and knowledge on behalf of every client on every project.
With our tradition of commitment to excellence, problem solving resolve and expertise, Bonus Electric will continue to lead the electrical industry into the future.
The bottom line on every project at Bonus is commitment. We live by this core value. From our owners to project managers to foremen to our warehouse supervisors, every person at Bonus Electric is accountable for their performance. We are all part of the same team that our clients depend on. We are innovative problem solvers that adapt to your needs. We pride ourselves on our resolve for finding ways to make schedules work - no excuses. We're famous for letting you know that you had a problem but we have solved it - rather than informing you that you have a problem that needs to be solved. With Bonus Electric involved in your project the end result is the delivery of a quality electrical system on time and within budget - every time.
Bonus Electric Co. employees, who embody the spirit of Bonus, encompass the most knowledgeable, innovative and responsible team in the industry.


With our staff of state licensed electrical engineers, project managers, estimators and Autocad draftpersons, we have the ability to deliver all of your project needs, whetherit be design, design-build or plan/specification. Our success is due in great part to the company's long-standing commitment to understanding the clients needs/expectations and delivering the project within those parameters.


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