2nd Office Location

We are pleased to announce the opening of our 2nd office in downtown Chicago!

Opening: January 2nd, 2020

625 W Adams St
Suite 20-129
Chicago, IL 60661

Hours: 7:00am-4:30pm Mon-Fri

Phone: (630) 257-3336

For over 40 years, Bonus Electric has amassed a wealth of expertise in the electrical engineering and construction fields. From high-rise condominium/apartment buildings to high-end restaurants, offices, high-rise parking structures, schools, churches, athletic facilities, elderly housing, nursing homes, and retail spaces, we have gained the experience and knowledge clients depend on. We apply this diverse experience and knowledge on behalf of every client on every project.

#designbuild #electricalcontractor #engineering #CAD #BIM

625 W Adams St.

#designbuild #electricalcontractor #engineering #CAD #BIM

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